Our commitment to "Drive@earth"

Mitsubishi Motors corporate tagline “Drive@earth” holds two meanings: a renewed focus on the connection between driving and environmental issues, and a reference to the unique variety of landscapes our planet offers us to discover.

“Drive@earth” has its roots in the new “Step Up 2010” mid-term business plan, announced on February 29th, 2008. Mitsubishi Motors is committed to building vehicles that demonstrate the synergy between dynamic and environmental performance, and in this way building a connection to customers, to communities, and ultimately to the natural world around us.
Notes about Drive@earth

English was the chosen language for the global corporate tagline in order to facilitate comprehension in various markets. Simple words were chosen so that non-native speakers might understand as well.

The “@” mark is intended as a visual / design pun, indicating our “location” or “domain” here on planet earth. Earth is written with a lowercase “e” for design reasons; to make the words “spread” from the center in an appealing fashion.

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